With 3-D printing, dentists and orthodontists can improve production time, quality and precision by producing crowns, bridges and a variety of orthodontic devices in-house. Dental labs are more accurate and efficient than ever as time-consuming, manual modeling can be eliminated with the use of a 3D printer.

3-D Printing is empowering the healthcare industry by providing rapid prototyping and producing actual end-use parts. A range of material properties are available including bio-compatible materials. 3-D technology is enabling doctors, researchers and medical device manufacturers to work quickly, conduct thorough testing and customize for their patients in a whole new way.

Dental labs and 3D printers are a perfect match

Dental molds have never been so accurate

3D printed jaw in a day

Need a 3D Part Printed?


We offer high-quality, precision printed 3D parts, prototypes and models using the 3D printing technology that is best suited for your application. Simply upload your CAD file into our Parts Cost Estimator to receive a free quote and place an order. Call us if you have any questions at 877-663-6482.

3D Printing is Changing The World

You’ve probably heard the buzz about 3 dimensional printing, but you most likely have no idea how advanced the technology really is. Check out this video to get a better understanding of this exciting technology and how it’s shaping the future of education, medicine, product design and manufacturing.