DMI implements MediForm3D medical modeling system at Forsyth Central High School

DMI implements MediForm3D medical modeling system at Forsyth Central High School

Digital Media, Inc has implemented it’s  3D medical modeling system, MediForm3D into the biotechnology STEM department at Forsyth Central High School. MediForm3D uses DICOM data from MRI and CT scans to create patient-specific medical models for use in educational and clinical environments.  Doctors use 3D medical models to collaborate and plan for medical procedures and surgeries, and to better educate patients on their prognosis, conditions and treatments.  Instructors in medical schools and technical colleges can use the system in a wide variety of applications including the understanding and manipulating DICOM data, working with 3-dimensional hardware and software and hand-on study of patient-specific pathologies.

A 3D printed CT scan of the upper extremities of a human.  Only the skull and a portion of the spine were segmented and printed.



MediForm3D has also connected The Brookfield Zoo in Chicago and the biotechnology department at Forsyth Central High School.  Veterinarians can upload DICOM scans of animals to the cloud-based MediForm3D software platform.  They then collaborate on a part of the scan they would like highlighted and printed to assist them in a number of clinical activities.  Check out some of the work they have done!

The hips of a juvenile Armadillo.


3D printed cross sections of sinuses from a human, aardvark, panther, and wallaby derived from CT scans.

Digital Media, Inc. is passionate about bringing this technology to the education community. High schools, technical colleges and medical schools can all benefit from 3D printing and the technology will continue to make inroads as it is introduced to education institutions around the globe.

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